when bees attack with righteous conviction

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Holding his nose, and eyes stinging from the chlorine, Tom peered up through the ruckus of the disturbed water as the swarm of bees confusedly flew away, eating their piece of the proverbial humble pie, which Tom, if he were in his sorts, would have called “bumble pie,” and he’d have had a good chuckle.

I'm having trouble deciding which way to go next. So I'll let Brett decide. Or anyone else who happens to read this. It's like those Choose Your Own Adventure books!

Your vote is important. Your vote is your voice.

1) Rising to the surface, Tom spied a weird kid with a pair of pants on his head staring down from the diving board....

2) Rising to the surface, Tom decided it was finally time to call upon his Tiger Shaman....

3) Rising to the surface, Tom was caught by surprise when a cartoon fish swam up to his face and said, "Hi! My name's Puck! Who'r you?"


  • Okay, my vote is for number one, because numbers two and three are just weird (but funny (but weird)) and I kind of want this story to be half-normal/decent/not made with cartoons that I can't visually see. I don't know how else you would see something... other than visually. But you get what I mean, I think. But I like the first one. And then we'd obviously have to change the part where the pants land on the pool railing. Because they're on a kid's head. Or maybe the kid put them on his head. Yeah, I like that. Maybe some kind of "Hey, mister. I got your pants for ya. They're on muh head."

    By Blogger Brett, at 11:59 PM  

  • Maybe the kid can be Jacob! Or Jacob's brother. And the other kids can be standing behind him. And that's how Tom and the Halsey's meet. And then stuff can happen.

    Like, stuff.

    By Blogger Brett, at 12:00 AM  

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